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Dog Trumpet Central West Tour of NSW
Friday 19th August 2016 - Gooloogong Log Cabin Hall NSW
Saturday 20th August 2016 - Agrestic Grocer Orange NSW
Sunday 21st August 2016 - The Zin House Mudgee NSW


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  • NEW !                                                                           T-Shirt   Dog Trumpet   Arguably the Loudest Soft Rock Band in Southern NSW NEW !                                                                           T-Shirt   Dog Trumpet   Arguably the Loudest Soft Rock Band in Southern NSW NEW !                                                                           T-Shirt   Dog Trumpet   Arguably the Loudest Soft Rock Band in Southern NSW

NEW ! T-Shirt Dog Trumpet Arguably the Loudest Soft Rock Band in Southern NSW


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Black Medicated Spirits album cover
  • Black Medicated Spirits album cover

Black Medicated Spirits album cover


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 Black Medicated Spirits album cover
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Reg Mombassa original White Medicated Spirits

Reg Mombassa original White Medicated Spirits


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'Medicated Spirits' Double CD

'Medicated Spirits' Double CD

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To celebrate 'Medicated Spirits' being long-listed for the Australian Music Prize 'Australian Album of the Year' 2013, we are releasing a small number of signed CD's, available for a Limited Time Only!!!

2CD Album, 19 Tracks, Featuring: Speed of Light, Made in the World, Ray Davies and the Kinks plus 16 unbelievable tracks you MUST Hear !!!!!

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2LP Vinyl Deluxe signed Limited edition

2LP Vinyl - Medicated Spirits (Signed by Reg Mombassa & Peter O'Doherty)
  • 2LP Vinyl - Medicated Spirits (Signed by Reg Mombassa & Peter O'Doherty) 2LP Vinyl - Medicated Spirits (Signed by Reg Mombassa & Peter O'Doherty)

2LP Vinyl - Medicated Spirits (Signed by Reg Mombassa & Peter O'Doherty)

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Deluxe Vinyl double gatefold LP of Medicated Spirits, 2LP Vinyl - Medicated Spirits (Signed by Reg Mombassa & Peter O'Doherty) Limited number available ORDER NOW

What Falls Away - from "Medicated Spirits"

Speed of Light (Alternative Version)

With Good Reason

With Good Reason- Brand new animated video from the double album Medicated Spirits
Special thanks to the students at UTS Sydney for their fantastic animation

The Music and Art of Reg Mombassa & Peter O'Doherty


BMA Magazine

Every now and then a song will stop you dead in your tracks; Shiny Armour, squirrelled away towards the end of Dog Trumpet’s sixth release, is one of those songs. A simple chord progression backed with weeping slide guitar gives way to a slow waltz. It’s the story of a man returning from distant battles only to find his girl couldn’t wait, and went off with someone else. There’s nothing too tricky going on, it’s just a brilliantly composed pop song with delicate, yearning melodies of loneliness that slip away far too soon.

Dog Trumpet started as a low-key side project for brothers Reg Mombassa (Chris O’Doherty) and Pete O’Doherty in 1990 when their main band – Mental as Anything – went on a short hiatus. A decade later, they’d both left the Mentals and the side project was now the main band. Both have enormously successful artist day jobs, so Dog Trumpet albums arrive unhurried and unburdened by any need to prove anything. As such, Medicated Spirits sounds like it could have been released any time over the last 30 years, and even though it skips all over the genre map, it is a rarity – a complete sounding double album with no filler.

Part of it is simple mechanics; the album is bookended by a pair of lush instrumentals. It starts

joyously with Elizabethan which sounds like Richard Thompson slowing down just a tiny bit and forgoing the complicated chords. Over an hour later it closes with Aqualine, a tumbling slide guitarinfusedprog-pop nugget. Though not exactly an exclamation mark, there’s an air of satisfied conclusion about it, knowing full well the circle has been completed.

Of course, if you choose to pick and choose album tracks, you might notice Medicated Spirits resembles a cult radio station playing vaguely familiar but totally unknown gems. There’s languid scuzzed-up summer pop (Speed of Light), light and fresh bucolic psych (Moon and Star), off-kilter folk (Tell Me), and light country (Telegraph Pole, With Good Reason). Oddly, the only song that really sounds explicitly like their previous band – the chugging Camel Rock – was written and sung by Bernie Hayes. The common denominator throughout it all, regardless of overt musical styling, is that every track brims with classic power pop melodies and offbeat tweaks. Then there’s Reg Mombassa’s elegiac slide playing, which can rattle between the heartbreaking – as above, Shiny Armour – and driving blues (Penal Colony). Without a doubt, one of the most underrated guitarists in the country.

Lyrically, the O’Doherty brothers aren’t exactly strangers to quirk. But don’t make the mistake that many have before of assuming that clever puns and cunning rhymes aren’t masking anything deeper, that it’s just funny imagery. Even an overtly politically themed songs like With Good Reason, full of modern anxieties (war, climate change, imperialism) can sound like a breezy Saturday afternoon amble.

Medicated Spirits is eclectic, but often that word is proxy for occasional good ideas buried amongst barely refined demos and a scattershot approach to songwriting that is jarring. But this

sort of eclecticism is a pair of seasoned songwriters fashioning a bunch of songs cut from the same cloth, that still manage to sound completely different. It’s also an album of confident relaxation, stretching out with friends (Amanda Brown, Iain Shedden, Bernie Hayes) and family (Declan O’Doherty) but not wasting anyone’s time. Amazingly, in 2013 Dog Trumpet has released an industry-defying double album of fully realised and outrageously catchy songs, that stakes a

serious claim for the year’s best. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of musicians.


Dog Trumpet heading to SXSW

We're excited to announce that Dog Trumpet have been invited to play SXSW in Austin in March. We'll then head to Canada to promote the album. Combine this with our nomination for The Amp 'Album of the Year' and 2014 is shaping up to be a great year. Thanks for your continued support - Reg & Pete

Medicated Spirits nominated for AMP Australian Album of the Year !


Medicated Spirits VINYL LP - Order Now  

Double gate fold 2LP Deluxe edition "Medicated Spirits" Order Now 

"Made in the World" 2nd video now up from the double album Medicated Spirits 

"Speed of Light" - First video off the Medicated Spirits double album 


"The charm oozes from the lyrics, the singing and the instantly appealing melodies”SMH 

“Reg and Peter have released their masterpiece - Medicated Spirits”. Discussions Magazine USA


“The singing is like receiving a smile when a forbidding door is opened to you”. The Age

“Among the threads is a subsection of pop-rock that we might call the ''charm school''. It runs from the Beatles and the Kinks through Hunky Dory-period Bowie to Nick Lowe and on to Dog Trumpet”. Canberra Times

“By album’s end you conclude that, life’s worries notwithstanding, everything will be all right while there are songs as fine as these. Courier Mail

“the duo have come up with their finest batch of songs to date and released as a double album... on two CDs! It doesn't get much better than this, to be honest”. Discussions Magazine USA


“Yet there is usually something cheery about their ever-melodic musical settings, which intimate a youth assimilating, say, The Beatles White Album and The Kinks’ Muswell Hillbillies”. Courier Mail

Dog Trumpet have recorded the best album of their career thus far as well as one of the best albums of the year. Not bad for a couple of fellas who've been doing this for nearly 40 years... not bad at all” !  Discussions Magazine USA

*The band set off on their Medicated Spirits Tour in support of the new album, the 2CD and 2LP release will be available in all good record stores and on line.

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* Back catalogue now available on this site including: Two Heads, One Brain - Suitcase - Dog Trumpet (self titled) - Antisocial Tendencies - River of Flowers
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Speed of Light - Video by Christine Nestel

Made in the World

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